Donations are received by Light Boxes staff. Because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible. We have two collection centers for physical item donations: Utah and California. For a list of requested items and a contact form to request information on where to send donations, see our donation page. We also accept financial donations (use the PayPal link on the same donation page). All financial donations are used to cover costs of 1) items purchased for boxes, 2) boxes and other packaging materials, 3) shipping costs, 4) any costs associated with creating boxes.

Groups of Light Keepers (you!) organize box making events. You can either join an existing event or contact us to request an event in your area. To host an event, use the get involved page to contact Sending Light to get more details about hosting a box making event and the fundraising efforts that will need to take place. You can also review the events calendar to find events happening close to you. Light Keepers who attend events help create the boxes with donated goods and materials purchased with financial donations.

Once the boxes have been assembled, designated Light Keepers will take charge of getting the boxes into the hands of community leaders or other gatekeepers who will distribute boxes to those in need. Light Keepers who participate in box making events can request that one of the boxes be given to a specific person.

Celebrate! After boxes have been distributed, we will post anonymous comments about the event to share your excitement. We will also update our site to reflect how many total Light Boxes have been created. You can share on social media to inspire others to participate. We are making a difference, together!